Some people believe that the world might end on December 21st, 2012. Stacey, a self-defeating romanticist, is not quite sure. Though it seems unlikely, Stacey decides that if this is the last day, he wants to share it with his former girlfriend, Parker. Despite their complicated history, he convinces her to forget their past and embrace the idea of spending just one last day together. They wander around Philadelphia, running into old friends and falling into old patterns, rarely stopping to consider the consequences. As the day progresses, Stacey learns that sometimes it's best to forget yesterday and live for tomorrow.

Making of This Time Tomorrow

Principal photography consisted of 5 consecutive and very long days in Philadelphia and then a few additional days in New York. With three cameras running at all times, our small crew ran around Philadelphia in a minivan and two four door compact cars, stealing exterior shots around the city and carefully timing out arrivals at locations. It was very cold outside. Director Shane Bissett prepared his two leads with heavy backstories for their characters and gave them an outline of how the story would play out. The scenes themselves were entirely improvised, with a concept outlined but no dialogue written. Though the overall story was outlined in detail, limitations of the shoot forced on the day adjustments as locations shifted and availability of actors changed last minute. The story effectively became as improvised as the dialogue.